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Matt Butler, 28

Matt Butler

Matt is the paramedic you hope to get transported by – blue eyes, big smile, baby face. Yep, he’s dreamy. Charming beyond compare, the patients love him. Actually, everyone loves him. He’s affable, goofy, quick to laugh and can talk to anyone.

Matt has been a critical care flight paramedic with both airplane and helicopter operations, so despite his youth, he already has years of experience, caring for trauma survivors and critically ill and injured patients on domestic and international flights. And stories? He’s got those, too. He’s that guy that things happen to. On the personal side, he’s a newlywed. Married in Jan. 2011, he and his nurse wife (total cougar) are on a baby-making rampage! Stay tuned to see what develops.

Chaleece Caldwell, age unknown

Chaleece Caldwell

“Mama Chaleece” is a 35-year veteran of critical care transport and emergency medicine, with more than 20 years of flight experience… That’s a lot of miles. Working as a critical care flight nurse for so many years, she has seen more patient conditions than most of us have even heard of. She loves that every flight and every patient are different. She’s all about the holistic, and respecting and emotionally connecting with patients.

The only area she’s got almost as much experience in as nursing? Marriage – 33 years, baby! This former combat medic is part of an uber military family (retired Army husband, two kids have served, one a Navy wife) who are scattered around the globe. She loves her family time, SCUBA diving, and the performing arts. Her son Rick is also a critical care flight paramedic for Angel MedFlight.

Cassandra “Cassie” Graper, 28


Originally from Green Bay and a lover of the Packers, Brewers and all things Wisconsin, Cassie is our raven-haired Irish beauty -- who can work it in front of and behind the lens. On-camera she’s acted as company personality and spokesperson.

A soccer player her whole life, she loves volleyball, travel, pool parties, and snowboarding. Most entertaining when she thinks no one is watching, Cassie at times forgets people can see her; weird dances, funny noises, and blurting ensue. She’s goofy yet keenly focused on work. She goes with the flow but gets down to business. We’re not sure what you’ll love most about Cassie: her accent, her faces or her self-assurance.

Scott Lavender, 40


Our rock-solid, bald, 6’5” flight paramedic may be built for bad, but on the inside he’s all softie. Raised by Mom and five sisters, this big-hearted cowboy is more likely to croon some country tunes or coo about his son and daughter than do anything seriously sinister.

After adventures in football and firefighting (ok, he’s a little tough), Scott discovered air ambulance transport. With years in emergency medicine and critical care, he knows his stuff. And loves his patients. He listens, comforts, and sings to them. He touches their lives and their hearts, and he always puts others first. The weeks he spent in New Orleans helping with rescue efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina were the experience of a lifetime.

Scott’s the sweet but tough older brother you always wanted. A big ol’ guy full of feelings. He talks. He hugs. He plays guitar. He’ll save your life and sing you a song to boot. And he does an awesome Wanda (Jamie Foxx a la In Living Color).

Samson, 5


Samson (“Sam”) is livin’ the good life now, but he hasn’t forgotten his humble beginnings. Angel MedFlight founder Jeremy Freer rescued him from Desert Labrador Rescue, and since then he’s been the apple of his Daddy’s eye. He puts in long hours at the office, attends all the key executive meetings and is a fixture at corporate events. He throws to-die-for birthday shindigs and travels by private jet. He’s kind of a big deal.

Underneath it all, Sam is a big lovable lug of a Lab, mild-mannered and happy-go-lucky. He actually provides care and comfort to patients looking for a four-legged friend in the ultimate time of need. His sixth sense is his ability to see who needs him most, and that’s where he goes. A loyal and intelligent member of the Angel MedFlight team, things literally would not run nearly as smoothly without him.